See everything you need at a glance

Home surfaces the information you need, when you need it, to help you navigate your day.
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Your Evernote, your way

Shape your Evernote experience with a variety of widgets you can rearrange and resize.
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Keep your tasks front and center

Manage your tasks right from Home, so you can access them quickly and stay on top of your priorities.
Image of connected Google Calendar on Home dashboard

Jump start your day

Connect your Google Calendar to instantly link notes to events and get quick access to them later.
Image of multiple scratch pad widgets within Home dashboard

Create your own view

Add multiple scratch pad and pinned note widgets, and take advantage of new widgets as they’re released.
Make Evernote yours. Find your plan now.

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Check out our helpful explainer video for a complete guide to getting organized with Home.

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See Your Evernote Like Never Before With Home

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