Search handwriting

Retrieve your ideas, even when they’ve been scribbled, scrawled, or jotted down.

Evernote can read your handwriting

Find specific words in your handwritten notes, in white board images, and in any other JPEGs, PNGs and GIFs you’ve saved in Evernote.

Evernote speaks your language

Evernote can identify 28 typewritten and 11 handwritten languages. You can also choose which language is used by changing the Recognition Language setting.
Screenshot of converting scanned handwriting to text app Screenshot of converting scanned handwriting to text app

Evernote can scan on-the-go

Easily capture all your handwritten ideas and notes on both Android and Apple devices with Evernote’s built-in camera.

Evernote can find it all

Expand your search using Boolean operators (e.g., “dog AND cat”), the location where you created the note, and more. Or, narrow your search results by filtering for tags, attachments, PDFs, URLs, Tasks, or Calendar.
Evernote's handwriting recognition technology is an industry leader. Try it and be amazed.

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