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What is an Evernote Expert?

An Expert guides their audiences and clients in getting started, organizing their lives, and becoming more productive with Evernote through online and in-person training.

Why become an Expert?

Becoming certified as an Expert is the best way to deepen your knowledge, build community connections, and gain credibility as a specialist in all things Evernote.

Evernote Expert Certification steps

Complete the application

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Pass the exams

We’ve designed six free in-depth courses—each focused on a different aspect of Evernote—to build your expertise. All have an exam to demonstrate your knowledge.

Reap the benefits

Once you’ve completed each exam, you’ll earn the title of Evernote Expert and all that comes with it, including special badges, resources, and recognition.

Evernote Expert Certification course topics

Become an Evernote Expert

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