Evernote Certified Program Requirements

Last Updated: February 1, 2022

These “Program Requirements” pertain to the Evernote Certified Program (“Program”). To participate in the Program, You must first read and agree to the Evernote Certified Program Participation Agreement (“Participation Agreement”). Evernote reserves the right, at any time, to amend the Program Requirements. If Evernote makes any such changes, it will post the modified version of the Program Requirements on its website and notify You of the changes at Your email address on record. If You choose to continue to participate in the Program, then You agree that You accept all amendments to the Program Requirements. If You do not agree to the new Program Requirements (or cannot comply with the provisions), Your participation shall be deemed terminated.

Summary of Program Credentialing

Credential Expert
Eligibility Criteria
  • Must create an Expert Program account
  • Must be an active participant in Evernote Expert forum
  • Complete the six Expert Certification courses and maintain certification
  • Remain up to date on continued education (and take courses when applicable)
  • Remain in good standing with Evernote 
Certification Limits If you do not complete or meet the recertification requirements based on your one year Expert anniversary date, you will be dropped from the program.
  • Access to our Expert Program training materials, courses and continuing education
  • Access to a private expert-only discussion forum
  • Access to additional expert-only resources and how-to documents.
  • Complimentary Professional subscription to use in demos and for training purposes that will remain active for one year
  • Certified Expert Badge
  • Listing in the directory of the “Find an Expert page” on the Evernote website
  • Premier Customer Support
  • Additional benefits and resources to added as determined by Evernote in its sole discretion


Eligibility for Program Credential. You may apply to receive the Program credential by meeting our eligibility criteria, completing and passing the required certification courses, and accurately completing any application materials. Upon successful completion of the foregoing, Evernote may award You a relevant credential. At that time, Evernote will inform You of all geographic or durational limitations on the credential.

Need to Recertify. You acknowledge that the Evernote Service and the Program are always evolving and that Evernote may, in its discretion, determine that You will need to obtain additional training or satisfy other requirements in order to continue to use the credential designation. You always have the choice to decide whether to fulfill the additional requirements, or not; however, if Evernote notifies You that any recertification is required in order to continue to be identified with the Program, then Your credential certification will terminate if You do not obtain the necessary recertification according to the schedule Evernote establishes.

Benefits of Program Certification. In addition to being able to use the Training Materials, Promotional Materials and Program Trademarks as set forth in the Participation Agreement, You may also receive other useful benefits:

(1) Complimentary Demonstration Subscription. While Your certification is current, You may be provided one or more no-cost demonstration subscriptions (each, a “Demonstration Subscription”) to use in connection for content creation, demo and training purposes. Your use of the Demonstration Subscription shall be subject to the Participation Agreement. You acknowledge that in order to utilize the demonstration
Account, You must be fully-compliant with the Participation Agreement, Program Requirements, Code of Conduct and all Standard Terms.

(2) Access to Private Forums. You will be added to, and encouraged to participate in, Evernote’s private forums. You will be able to stay in the know, learn, connect and share with other Evernote Certified individuals as well as Evernote employees. The content should remain confidential.

Credential is Personal to You. Any credential granted under the Program is personal and applicable only to You as an individual person. You will not enter into any arrangement with a third person that would allow that third person to make use of the credential. In addition, You will not allow any third person to use the Demonstration Subscription unless that third person is actively engaged as a consulting services client or a member of Your business.

Fees. Evernote may, in its sole discretion, require You to pay a fee to participate in the Program (or may waive payment of any fee). You acknowledge that payment of any such fee does not guarantee that You will successfully complete the Program Requirements and obtain certification or continue to be certified or re-certified under the Program.

Examples of Uses of the Promotional Materials and Program Trademarks
The following are illustrative examples. Please remember that You still need to follow the Trademark Guidelines and the licenses and all other provisions of the Participation Agreement. 

Approved Uses:

  • Using the Program logo on Your marketing materials, including website, social media, business card, and brochures
  • Using the credential designation or Evernote Certified on Your marketing materials, including website, social media, business card, and brochures
  • Using screenshots of the Evernote Service products or features in training (online or offline)

Prohibited Uses:

  • Using the Evernote logo, the Program logo, or any other Evernote Trademark as anbavatar or profile image on social media
  • Shortening or re-wording Program Trademarks
  • Using "Evernote," “Evernote Certified,” or any of the Program Trademarks, names or abbreviations as part of any domain name, practice, or company name or portion of URL
  • Creating usernames/handles that include “Evernote,” “Evernote Certified,’ or any of the Program Trademarks, names or abbreviations for any social media account