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Evernote Teams helps teams collect research and share and preserve knowledge

Collect research and manage knowledge effectively 

Behind every finished project is a wealth of research and problem solving that went into making it happen. But from files on desktops and bookmarked web pages to handwritten notes and emailed articles, this knowledge is scattered across people and applications. As years go by and teams change, this valuable information gets lost. 

Evernote Teams helps you organize your research, share it with teammates, and apply it to future projects. Get the flexibility you need to collect ideas your way, whether it’s taking notes, clipping web pages, or attaching documents. Search across the entire company to make connections you’d otherwise miss. With Evernote as your information hub, company knowledge is more useful, and it won’t leave when someone on your team does.

Why does knowledge management matter?

Businesses tend to look forward, with each team focusing on one milestone after another without looking back to take stock of what they’re learning along the way. But every major project involves research that would be invaluable to other teams—if they knew it existed. Marketing might have data on customer behavior buried on a hard drive that could help Product refine its next release. Finance might be dead set on an earnings target that’s nowhere near what Sales is projecting. 

A good knowledge management solution helps you in two important ways:

  • Situational Awareness
    Turn disjointed bits of information into helpful company insights. Effective knowledge sharing allows anyone in the company to assemble facts and ideas that others have contributed into a bigger picture that can guide the work of individual teams or the business as a whole.

  • Increased Productivity
    Avoid duplicating tedious and time-consuming tasks. When it’s done right, research moves slowly. You might go down ten different paths before you find one that’s relevant. A good idea management solution helps you make sure people aren’t burning countless hours looking for answers their coworkers have already found.

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Benefits of central idea management

It isn’t enough to save your company’s collective ideas—they need to be easily found. This means your knowledge management solution should organize research in one place that’s both structured and searchable. This empowers your business in a few key ways:

  • Improved communication
    The more everyone is aware of what others are doing, the easier it is for them to contribute relevant ideas. This makes meetings more effective and encourages cross-functional collaboration. 

  • Quicker problem solving
    When a project hits a roadblock, its stakeholders can quickly see if others have had a similar issue and learn how they solved it, without reinventing the wheel.

  • Building efficient processes
    Teams can take advantage of their colleagues’ success. When one group creates an efficient process or workflow, others can use it as a template—adapting it to their own purposes.

Evernote Teams makes collecting and organizing research easy

  • Notebooks
    Notebooks let you customize your document management. Save your notes into notebooks that you can organize by project title, employee name, fiscal quarter, or any category that makes sense to your teams. 

  • Spaces
    Spaces bring what’s important to the surface to help keep everyone on the same page. Group your notebooks into spaces, so every team can find what’s relevant to their work in one convenient place.

  • Pinned Notes
    Constantly referring to the same information? Put it in a note and pin it to the top of a space, so it’s always easily accessible. You can also pin new notes you’ve created to call attention to them.

  • Powerful Search
    Find anything you need, no matter where it’s saved. Search for notes by title, date, content type, or keyword. Apply filters and get results while you type. You can even search for words in pictures and handwriting.  

Communication and collaboration

By giving easy access to relevant research, no matter who did it, Evernote Teams helps everyone in your company work from a common ground of shared knowledge. This means people aren’t having to communicate the same information over and over again, which bogs down workflows and makes it harder for teams to get things done. 

  • Document collaboration
    Set permissions that let team members work on the same note, no matter where they are—even if they’re working offline.

  • What’s New
    Keep everyone on the same page without having to email everyone on the team. Spaces show recently created and updated notes, front and center.

Turn individual research into insights for the team

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Save any type of content—from websites and articles to documents and emails—right alongside your notes.

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Gather and store research in a central hub that makes everyone’s knowledge accessible to all.

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Find what you need, fast. You can even search within PDFs, Office docs, and handwritten notes.

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Easily refer to past work, regardless of who did it, and ensure knowledge stays within the company.

Go from collecting research to connecting the dots

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