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Evernote Teams as a project management solution

Master every detail to move projects forward

Your projects have many moving parts. With teams scattered, tasks piling up, and deadlines fast approaching, it’s tough to meet deliverables on time. To keep projects on track, you need clear organization, quick access to important information, and free-flowing collaboration.

Make Evernote Teams your project management hub, and keep all relevant ideas, documents, meeting notes, timelines, and to-do lists in one place—accessible to the right people. With everything organized into notebooks and spaces, you can easily track progress and make sure everybody’s up to date, whether they’re working onsite or remotely.

Evernote Teams can help you stop juggling multiple apps, losing track of key details, and hounding team members for status updates.

More efficient project management

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Instead of relying on spreadsheets and legal pads to stay on top of projects, most teams today use a project planning app, project tracking tool, or cloud project management solution. These systems orchestrate resources and information, making project management more efficient.

Evernote Teams can be used as a lightweight project planning and tracking tool, but it also shines when used alongside your organization’s platform of choice. Together, Evernote and leading project management software form a complete solution for keeping your team informed, connected, and productive.

The following capabilities are crucial for comprehensive project management:

  • Project organization
    An organized project is far easier to plan and execute. The best project management tools offer intuitive ways to group information, people, resources, and tasks.

  • Communication channels
    Integrating chat, commenting, and other forms of communication is key. All project-related messages should be captured within the project management system, so team members can easily find a record of all discussions and decisions.

  • Tracking deliverables and milestones
    The best project management platforms keep track of tasks, to-dos, and deadlines, helping individual contributors stay on task. This lets project managers orchestrate touchpoints, adjust due dates, and reassign tasks where necessary.

  • Timelines and Gantt charts
    Visual depictions of various tasks and deadlines provide the team with a 1000-foot view of a project’s schedule. Digital Gantt charts are especially useful, as they let you drill down into the timeline to understand specific assignments and dependencies.

  • Time tracking
    Every project has some kind of budget, made up of billable working hours. Strong project management solutions incorporate time tracking for individual users and make total time spent visible to stakeholders.

  • Reporting
    Clients and bosses want easy access to project updates. Rather than forcing them to wade through cumbersome spreadsheets, the best project management systems generate reports at various levels of detail.

Everything you need to move projects from “to do” to done

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Customize your project management processes

Smaller organizations often use Evernote Teams for all of their project management needs. Larger organizations may already run primarily on tools such as Asana, Trello, and Basecamp. Evernote Teams enhances those tools by serving as an always-accessible hub for all project-related materials, with the flexibility to adapt to any management style or workflow.

  • Centralize all types of project material
    Save text, images, voice recordings, web clippings, and scans of whiteboards and business cards into your notes. Add comments and revisions by annotating images and PDFs directly within Evernote. All of this content is searchable for easy reference, thanks to Document Scanning, PDF and Document Search, and Handwriting Search.

  • Build project dashboards
    Gather project-related notes into notebooks and stacks, which can be organized by sub-project, team, or any criteria you choose. Notebooks can be grouped into a dedicated space for the project. For example, a video project space might have notebooks for pre-production, casting, and storyboards. The project space serves as a dashboard that provides at-a-glance project updates.

  • Create project task lists and to-dos
    The simplest project tracker is a note with an ordered list, customized with checkboxes. Project managers can get more detailed with our Areas of Responsibility, Project Overview, or Eisenhower Matrix templates. Managers can also use Zapier to create Trello cards, Asana tasks, or Basecamp messages within Evernote.

  • Track timelines and deliverables
    The Project Overview template includes a simple table for tasks and deadlines. You can also customize a timeline using lists and tables in any note. Evernote’s versatility gives you a project tracking tool that works any way you want. You can use tagging and document naming to indicate project stages (Urgent, On Hold, In Progress, etc.). Or create notebooks dedicated to specific project stages, and move relevant notes from one to another as teams work through the process.

  • Put the latest info in reach
    Whenever a team member adds or updates a project-related note on a device connected to the internet, the new content is immediately available to the rest of the team. For version control, project managers can refer to note history.

  • Keep everyone on the same page, from anywhere
    Project teams often include people working in different locations. Evernote Teams enables seamless team collaboration with appropriate access controls. Anybody with the right permissions can create, edit, and share project notes. Evernote Teams works as well on a mobile device as it does on desktop, so team members can work anywhere—even offline.

Seamless integration with other project management tools

We’ve built direct integrations with a wide range of popular project management tools, so your team can integrate Evernote’s unique capabilities into your existing workflow.

Gmail and Google Drive
Have project-related messages and files in Gmail and Google Drive? Save them into Evernote, so they live alongside all your project documents. Google Drive files appear in your notes as boxes with helpful information like filename, file type, and last date modified. Add all project files into a single note and share it with your team, so everything they need is in one place. All changes made in Google Drive auto-sync to your project space in Evernote.

Outlook and Microsoft Teams
Save emails relevant to your projects from Outlook to Evernote without leaving your inbox. This makes it easy to archive everything within your project space. For example, you can keep invoicing from outside vendors together with project budget notes. You can also email notes directly from Evernote with just one click. Evernote also integrates with Microsoft Teams, so you can share relevant chat threads into your project space. You can also access and share relevant Evernote Teams content directly within your Microsoft team chat.

Many teams collaborate and communicate via Slack. By integrating Evernote Teams with Slack, you can easily find and share project-related notes from within your Slack channel or direct message. While you’re chatting in Slack, you can set reminders, create tasks, and save important decisions to Evernote for future reference. You can even turn Slack channel conversations into meeting notes by clipping all messages, PDFs, and docs to Evernote.

Sales teams often spend almost their entire day within Salesforce. By integrating Salesforce with Evernote Teams, you can pin project-related notes to specific records and even edit those notes directly within Salesforce.

Manage projects from start to finish, all in one place

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Organize a new project in one workspace to capture ideas, decisions, and brainstorms.

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Set reminders, track deadlines, and gather feedback as your team’s work moves forward.

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Get rid of unnecessary meetings by giving stakeholders easy ways to view a project’s progress.

Graphic illustration of an notebook over two rectangular outlines, representing version control with Evernote Teams

Avoid duplicate efforts. Anyone in the company can easily discover and refer to past work.

Everything you need to move projects from “to do” to done

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