Support workflow management with Evernote Teams

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Customize your workflow management

Success isn’t just about what your team does; it’s also about how you do it. And let’s face it—sometimes the process is messy. Projects and deliverables are in different stages. Information is buried in a dizzying array of tools and apps. Multiple contributors and stakeholders need to weigh in. Sometimes managing workflows is too much work and not enough flow.

With Evernote Teams, you can work the way you want. Create spaces that function as dashboards or workspaces to keep track of active projects, editorial calendars, and sales pipelines. Use to-do lists, pinned notes, and tagging to delegate tasks and move efficiently through the process—your process. With everything in one place, you can always answer “Where are we on that?” And your team can stop worrying about getting organized, and start getting things done.

Know how your business flows

Image of two office workers looking at a whiteboard and a laptop, depicting software enhancing a business process workflowIt’s a term that gets thrown around a lot, but really, what is a workflow? Essentially, it’s the steps involved in any process, from start to finish. Businesses have formalized workflows set down in policies and procedures, such as hiring, billing, and sales processes. But you may also have more ad hoc workflows to keep track of, like creative development for a new marketing campaign, or simply “Whose turn is it to buy coffee?”

The practice of workflow management involves the use of digital tools to provide structure to your workflows. With a workflow app to centralize and organize your various projects, your teams can work more efficiently—and with more transparency.

Evernote Teams supports workflows that work for you

Thanks to Evernote’s simple user experience and flexible workflow tools, you can create the workflow management system that makes sense for you. Organize teams, processes, and information to fit your needs. Evernote Teams is a centralized hub that’s adaptable to various environments and use cases—from bike shoe design to customer relationship management (CRM), human resources (HR) planning, and more.

  • Everything in one place
    Use notes, notebooks, and spaces as a lightweight CRM to keep track of every customer touchpoint. Dynamic notes make document storage a breeze—capturing voice recordings, handwritten notes, any type of document, and even pictures of whiteboards and business cards. Find everything you need with PDF and document search, as well as handwriting search. Plus, Evernote Teams integrates directly with Outlook, Gmail, Google Drive, Salesforce, Slack, Microsoft Teams, and other important parts of your technology stack, so you can access and share notes within nearly any system or environment.

  • Team messaging and collaboration
    With spaces and tagging, any piece of information contained in a note can be shared with your closest colleagues as well as across teams, departments, and functions. Pinned notes and ‘What’s New’ within spaces highlight recent updates, project status, and evergreen reminders. Templates make it easy to organize and share your Meeting Agenda, Project Goals, and Weekly Review. Spaces and notebooks can also keep contractors and outside contributors in sync with the rest of the team, while safely storing business-related content within your Evernote Teams environment.

  • Business process management solutions

    • Task delegation
      Assign and track tasks with our Areas of Responsibility or Project Overview templates. Updates appear automatically in ‘What’s New’ for the team’s space, so everyone stays current with the workflow progress.

    • To-do lists
      Create your own checklists within notes or use our more detailed Eisenhower Matrix template to organize tasks and to-dos by priorities. Search all notes by complete or incomplete to-dos to assess individual or team progress at a glance.

    • Workflow tracking
      The flexibility of Evernote Teams lets you track steps and stages however you choose. Use tagging and note naming conventions to indicate project stages (Urgent, On Hold, In Progress, etc.). Or use spaces and notebooks to delineate project phases by moving notes from one space or notebook to another to indicate progression.

Simplify so your team can focus on moving work forward

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Power up productivity

  • Find anything you need, fast.
    Turn anything into a digital note with document scanning. Search for text within documents and images with PDF and document search, and even handwriting search. Data retrieval and info discovery is much easier with advanced search syntax, which helps you find things quickly by narrowing your search results.

  • Knowledge management, managed.
    Use project and team spaces to contain all relevant notes and documents. Keep them synced across users and devices (even offline). And store everything once the project is complete. Everyone related to the project or team always has access to the latest information, wherever they need to work.

Move projects forward and stay ready for what’s next

Graphic illustration of lightbulb, depicting Evernote Teams' flexibility to let teams create their own ideas for managing their workflows online

Organize work by project phase, pipeline stage, or whatever category your team dreams up.

Graphic illustration of notes with a checklist, depicting use of Evernote Teams' workflow tools to track progress

Flexibly move content between stages to keep track of work as it progresses from “doing” to “done.”

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Cut back on meetings by quickly keeping team members up to date.

Graphic illustration of bar graph, line graph, and pie chart, depicting use of workflow integration software to work with multiple apps at once

Integrate with Salesforce, Google Docs, and other apps to fit your team’s working style.

Simplify so your team can focus on moving work forward

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